Vancouver West One Story Laneway House

LANEWAY HOUSING HOW-TO GUIDE (VANCOUVER) -2018. This guide provides an overview of One Story Laneway House regulations.

4. Laneway house with a single storey
4.1. Location in rear yard
A single storey laneway house is located within the rear 10.7m (35ft) of the site, measured from the rear property line.

4.2. Side yard setback
The required side yard setback on each side of the property is 10% of the lot width. This requirement may be reduced to 0.6m (2ft) for one side to help achieve the permitted floor area at grade. This may result in no window glazing on the wall adjacent to the reduced side yard as per Vancouver Building Bylaw.

4.3. Building height
A single storey laneway house must not exceed 4.3m (14ft) if the roof is flat, or 5.2m (17ft) if roof is sloped.

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